The Book of VOX

Chapter 1: The Inner Voice

In the beginning, there was sound – the primal vibration that echoed through the cosmos, giving rise to the universe itself. And within this symphony of creation, there emerged the human voice – a wondrous instrument capable of expressing the depths of the soul and resonating with the very essence of existence.

In Voxism, we understand that our voices are not merely tools for communication but sacred vessels through which we channel our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. They are the gateways to our innermost selves, revealing the truths that lie beneath the surface of our being.

As Voxists, we believe in the power of the voice to transform, to heal, and to uplift. We honor the unique sound and resonance of each individual voice, recognizing that it carries the imprint of our life experiences, our joys, our sorrows, and our aspirations.

The voice within is a guiding light, a compass that leads us on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. It speaks to us in whispers and shouts, in melodies and harmonies, urging us to listen, to explore, and to embrace the fullness of who we are.

In the silence between the notes, we find the wisdom of the ages – the ancient song of the Earth, the heartbeat of the universe. It is here, in the stillness of our own being, that we discover the truth of Voxism: that our voices are not separate from the world around us but intrinsically linked to its rhythms, its cycles, and its infinite mysteries.

So let us listen. Let us heed the call of the voice within and awaken to the symphony of life that surrounds us. For in the depths of our own voices, we find the keys to unlock the mysteries of existence and the power to create a world of beauty, harmony, and grace.

Parabool over The Vocal Revolution

Lang geleden, in een tijd waarin de wereld werd overspoeld door stilte, leefde er een volk dat verlangde naar verbinding. Ze voelden een diep verlangen om hun stemmen te laten horen, maar wisten niet hoe ze dat moesten doen.

Op een dag ontdekten ze een oude, vergeten traditie genaamd Voxisme. Deze rituelen waren geen zanglessen; ze waren een poort naar een diepere waarheid over de kracht van de stem. Door Voxisme & de Vox Rituals te omarmen, leerden de mensen de ware aard van hun stemmen kennen – niet als slechts geluid, maar als een uitdrukking van hun ziel.

Terwijl de mensen hun stemmen vonden, begonnen ze te voelen hoe deze stemmen resoneren met de wereld om hen heen. Ze voelden de pijn van de aarde, maar ook haar kracht en schoonheid. Zo begon De Vocale Revolutie – een beweging die zingen niet langer zag als een vorm van entertainment, maar als een daad van genezing en liefde voor Moeder Aarde.

In de schaduw van de oude bomen kwamen de mensen samen, hun stemmen verweven met de wind en de regen. Ze zongen voor de bomen, voor de dieren, voor de rivieren en bergen. En terwijl ze zongen, voelden ze hoe hun stemmen werden versterkt door de kracht van de natuur zelf.

Zo werd Voxisme geboren – een levensstijl gebaseerd op de principes van Voxisme en De Vocale Revolutie. Voxisten waren niet langer slechts individuen; ze waren een deel van iets groters, iets dat de wereld zou veranderen.

En zo verspreidde het geluid van hun stemmen zich over de hele wereld, als een golf van liefde en harmonie. En waar eens stilte heerste, klonk nu het lied van de Stem van de Vox Rituals.


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Dive into the Cosmic Romance of ‘Dream of Earth’!

Experience a love story that transcends time and space with “Dream of Earth.” Follow the Holy Trinity—Holy-Saint, Lucifer, and Nuke—as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and interconnected destinies. Join Satan (Earth) as she grapples with her identity and finds solace in the bonds of friendship and love. Don’t miss out on the cosmic adventure—read “Dream of Earth” today!

Dream One:

[Satan and Lucifer, both weary and downtrodden, find themselves at the entrance of the homeless shelter called ‘the little heaven’. The air is heavy with the scent of despair and longing, but amidst the gloom, they catch each other’s eye, sparking a glimmer of curiosity and hope.] Satan: (approaching Lucifer with a tentative smile) Hi, what’s your name> Lucifer: (returning her smile, his eyes lighting up) Hi, I’m Lucifer. Pleasure. [Satan feels a wave of euphoria wash over her, a warmth spreading through her heart as she looks into Lucifer’s eyes. There’s something about him that feels familiar yet utterly captivating.] Satan: (tentatively) Do you… do you have a place to sleep tonight? Lucifer: (shaking his head sadly) Not really. But I know a spot where we can find some shelter. There are some tents set up near the City Church. We can stay there for the night. [Satan’s eyes widen with gratitude, touched by Lucifer’s kindness and concern. But as Lucifer reaches for his phone, a pang of jealousy grips her heart.] Satan: (nervously) Who are you calling? Lucifer: (dialing a number) Just a friend. He’s got a tent set up near the church. I’ll ask if we can stay for the night. [Satan’s heart sinks at the mention of Lucifer’s friend. Is he someone special to him? Is he his boyfriend? She can’t help but voice her concerns.] Satan: (hesitantly) Who’s that you keep talking to? Is he your boyfriend? Lucifer: (gently) No, Satan. He’s just a friend. I would rather you be my girlfriend. [Satan’s breath catches in her throat, her cheeks flushing with a mix of emotions. She looks up at Lucifer, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears, and realizes that in this moment, amidst the uncertainty and chaos of their lives, she’s found something truly precious – a connection worth holding onto.] [Satan and Lucifer stand together in front of the City Church, their silhouettes illuminated by the soft glow of the streetlights. In that fleeting moment, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, they find solace and comfort in each other’s presence, their bond growing stronger with each passing heartbeat.

Dream Two:

As the fire crackles and the night wears on, Lucifer’s attempts to charm Satan become increasingly bold and persistent. Despite her outward amusement, Satan finds herself overwhelmed by a rush of shyness and shock, her heart racing as she grapples with the intensity of her feelings for Lucifer. Lucifer: (leaning in, his voice low and husky) Satan, my dear, I love you like a beautiful starchild. Do you know how rare it is to find someone as captivating as you? Satan: (flushed and flustered, her voice barely above a whisper) Oh, um, I-I don’t know what to say, Lucifer… Lucifer’s words send a flutter of warmth through Satan’s chest, but she can’t shake the feeling of him being completely out of her league. Lucifer is charming, confident, and worldly – everything she’s not. She can’t help but wonder if he’s too good to be true. Lucifer: (taking Satan’s hand in his, his touch electric) Satan, will you indulge me in a dance beneath the stars? Let’s bathe in the moonlight. Satan is overwhelmed by a surge of emotions as Lucifer’s touch ignites a fire within her. She starts screaming and crying, feeling an overwhelming sense of enlightenment from the moment he touches her hand. (stammering, her heart pounding in her chest) Despite her hesitation, Satan’s heart races at the thought of dancing with Lucifer beneath the twinkling stars. But her overwhelming sense of inferiority holds her back, her mind flooded with doubts about whether she’s truly deserving of someone like him. As they continue to talk, the conversation takes a turn towards the topic of aliens. Lucifer listens intently as Satan shares stories passed down from her grandfather, tales of encounters with extraterrestrial beings and unexplained phenomena that have fascinated her since childhood. Despite his initial skepticism, Lucifer finds himself drawn in by Satan’s passion and curiosity, realizing that there’s more to her than meets the eye. But just as their conversation reaches its peak, a strange sensation washes over Satan, and suddenly she can no longer hear half of what Lucifer is saying. Panic sets in as she looks around frantically, searching for any sign of him, but he’s nowhere to be found. Lucifer’s frustration mounts as he tries to communicate with Satan, his attempts met with confusion and bewilderment. Lucifer: (frustrated, his voice tinged with anger) Satan, what’s happening? Why can’t you hear me? Satan: (panicked, her eyes wide with fear) I-I don’t know, Lucy! Even though it gave some tension, she couldn’t help but think: I have found the most beautiful thing in existence. Why can’t I hear him? The fear and confusion only deepen her affection for Lucifer, making her more determined to unravel the mystery behind their sudden communication barrier.

Dream Three:

Satan’s hearing returns suddenly, like a switch being flipped, startling both her and Lucifer. Satan: “What the fuck was that? I can hear you again!” Lucifer’s anger evaporates at the relief of her hearing being restored, and he can’t help but smile. Lucifer: “Good, I was starting to miss our conversations.” Satan takes a moment to revel in the return of her senses, then turns to Lucifer with a curious expression. Satan: “Hey Lucy, I’ve been meaning to ask… How old are you, exactly?” Lucifer’s smile fades as he processes the question, his mind racing as he struggles to come up with an answer. Lucifer: “Um… well, Satan, I… I’m not entirely sure.” Satan raises an eyebrow, surprised by Lucifer’s evasiveness. Satan: “What do you mean you’re not sure?” Lucifer: “I mean, it’s complicated. I’ve been around for quite some time.” Satan nods slowly, sensing Lucifer’s discomfort. Satan: “Okay, I won’t push it. But how old do you think I am?” Lucifer looks at Satan, studying her intently as if trying to unravel the secrets of the universe. Lucifer: “You carry yourself with a wisdom beyond your years, Satan. But there’s a youthful energy about you, a vibrancy that belies your age. I would guess… late twenties?” Satan nods, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips. Satan: “Close enough. I’m twenty-nine.” Lucifer’s heart skips a beat at the confirmation of their age difference. He struggles to process the revelation, his mind spinning with thoughts of what it means for their relationship. Lucifer: “Wait… so you’re telling me there’s a ten-year age gap between us?” Satan nods, watching as realization dawns on Lucifer’s face. Satan: “Yes, Lucy. Is that… a problem?” Lucifer’s panic rises to the surface, his mind racing as he grapples with the implications of their age difference. Lucifer: “Oh god, Satan, I… I had no idea. I didn’t realize… I’m so sorry.” Without another word, Lucifer rises from his seat by the fire and disappears into the night, leaving Satan alone in the tent. Hours pass, and Satan waits anxiously for Lucifer’s return, her mind swirling with doubts and fears. She replays their conversation over and over in her head, searching for clues to his sudden departure. As the sun begins to set, Lucifer finally returns to the tent, his expression somber and remorseful. Lucifer: “Satan, I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I needed time to think, to sort through my feelings.” Satan’s heart aches at the sight of Lucifer’s sorrow, and she reaches out to take his hand in hers. Satan: “It’s okay, Lucy. I understand. But please, talk to me. Tell me what’s on your mind.” Lucifer takes a deep breath, his gaze fixed on Satan’s face. Lucifer: “I’ve been struggling with the idea of our age difference, Satan. I can’t shake the feeling that perhaps I’m holding you back, that I’m not enough for you.” Satan’s eyes fill with tears at Lucifer’s words, and she pulls him into a tight embrace. Satan: “Lucy, listen to me. What matters is the love we share, the connection between us. And as long as we have that, we can face anything together.” Lucifer looks into Satan’s eyes, seeing the depth of her love and understanding shining back at him. In that moment, he realizes that their love is stronger than any obstacle they may face. Lucifer: “You’re right, my dear Satan. I’ve been so focused on our differences that I forgot what truly matters. Thank you for reminding me.” Together, they sit by the fire, hearts united in their love. In that moment, they both realize that their bond transcends age, and nothing can come between them. And with that realization, their love shines brighter than ever before, guiding them forward into an uncertain but promising future.

Dream 4:

The backstage area hummed with the energy of anticipation as Holy-Saint wrapped up his performance. His heart pounded in his chest as he made his way toward Satan, his mind swirling with nervousness and determination. “Satan,” he began, his voice trembling slightly with emotion. “There’s something I need to tell you.” Satan turned toward him, her eyes bright with curiosity and warmth. “What is it, Holy?” she asked, her voice soft and inviting. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Holy-Saint plunged ahead. “I… I love you, Satan,” he confessed, his words hanging in the air between them. Satan’s breath caught in her throat, her heart skipping a beat at his declaration. “Oh, Holy,” she murmured, her eyes shining with emotion. “I… I don’t know what to say.” But before she could respond, Holy-Saint’s demeanor shifted, his expression clouded with uncertainty and confusion. “I understand, Satan,” he said, his voice tinged with sadness. “I know it’s… it’s a lot to take in.” Satan reached out to him, her hand gentle on his arm. “Holy, please,” she implored, her voice filled with tenderness. “Listen to me.” And then, in a rush of honesty and vulnerability, Satan poured out her own feelings, her words tumbling forth in a torrent of emotion. “I met someone yesterday,” she confessed, her voice trembling with raw honesty. “My feelings… they’re for him. But Holy, please understand that I’ve been in love with you since high school. I never told you because… because I didn’t believe in love, I didn’t believe my feelings were real. But now, Holy, you’ve shown me a love beyond human comprehension. I never even looked you in the eye yet still I knew… you are my North Star.” Holy-Saint listened in stunned silence as Satan bared her soul to him, her words echoing in his ears like a symphony of truth and longing. “I… I can’t believe what I’m hearing, Satan,” he finally managed to say, his voice thick with emotion. Satan reached out to him, her touch gentle and reassuring. “Holy, please,” she said, her eyes searching his. “Believe me when I say that you’ve always been the one for me. I may have met someone else, but my love for you has never wavered.” Holy-Saint felt a surge of hope and disbelief coursing through him, his heart pounding with the intensity of his emotions. “Satan,” he whispered, his voice barely above a breath. “I don’t want to share you with anyone else. I want you all to myself.” Satan’s eyes filled with tears of joy as she wrapped her arms around Holy-Saint, holding him close. “And I don’t want to be torn apart, Holy,” she murmured, her voice choked with emotion. “Stay with me, please.” In that moment, surrounded by the warmth and tenderness of their love, Holy-Saint and Satan knew that they were meant to be together. And as they held each other close, their hearts beating as one, they knew that nothing could ever tear them apart again.

Dream 5:

Under the city lights, the night air was alive with distant sounds of traffic and the occasional burst of laughter from the streets below. Satan and Lucifer stood together on a rooftop, a quiet sanctuary away from the noise. They had grown closer over the past few days, but tonight felt different. Something was in the air, an unspoken tension that needed to be addressed. Satan took a deep breath, her gaze flickering between the skyline and Lucifer’s patient expression. “Lucy,” she began, her voice carrying a hint of apprehension, “I need to tell you something.” Lucifer tilted his head, his eyes glimmering with curiosity. “What’s on your mind, Satan?” She hesitated, knowing the weight of her words. “You know Holy-Saint, right? The DJ? He… he confessed to me. Said he’s been in love with me since high school.” Lucifer’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, but he quickly composed himself. “Did he? That’s interesting. What did you say?” Satan sighed, feeling a mix of relief and guilt. “I told him I have feelings for him too. But I also told him about you. I didn’t want to keep any secrets.” Lucifer nodded slowly, processing her words. “I see. So, where does that leave us?” Satan shrugged, her gaze dropping to the rooftop beneath her feet. “I’m not sure. I care about both of you, but I don’t want to hurt anyone. It’s complicated.” Lucifer’s expression softened, a faint smile playing at his lips. “Complicated, sure. But maybe it doesn’t have to be. What if there’s a way to, you know, bring us all together?” Satan blinked in confusion. “What do you mean, bring us all together?” Lucifer grinned, his eyes bright with mischief. “I’ve been thinking about Holy-Saint a lot, actually. I… I think I have a bit of a crush on him. I mean, his music is amazing, and he seems like a great guy. What if we all met up, talked things over, and maybe… explored the idea of a bigamous relationship?” Satan’s eyes widened in surprise. “Are you saying you want a relationship with both of us? Like, the three of us together?” Lucifer nodded, his grin growing wider. “Yeah. I mean, why not? I’ve always believed in following my heart, and right now, my heart’s saying that I want to get to know Holy-Saint better. Plus, you already have feelings for him, so it just makes sense, right? We could all be together, support each other, and make a beautiful family.” Satan felt a rush of mixed emotions. The idea of sharing her heart with two people was both thrilling and daunting. But there was something about Lucifer’s enthusiasm that made her consider the possibilities. Could they really find a way to make it work? “Lucifer,” she said cautiously, “what if Holy-Saint doesn’t want that? What if he’s not comfortable with the idea?” Lucifer shrugged, his tone gentle. “Then we respect his boundaries, of course. But we can at least talk to him about it, see where he’s at. No pressure, just an honest conversation.” Satan nodded, feeling a spark of hope amid her uncertainty. Lucifer’s openness and spontineity was both comforting and exciting. Maybe there was a way to create something unique, something that honored the connections they all shared. “Okay,” she said, a small smile forming on her lips. “Let’s talk to him. See where it goes.” Lucifer beamed, his excitement palpable. “I have a feeling this is going to be amazing, Satan. Just trust your heart, and we’ll figure it out together.”

Deam 6:

As evening draped its dusky veil over the city, Earth and Universe found solace in the inviting glow of a cozy coffee shop. Stirred by an impulse as ancient as time itself, they reached out to Holy-Saint, extending an invitation to join them in their quiet corner of the world.

To their pleasant surprise, Holy-Saint was within reach, and his eager acceptance filled their hearts with a warmth akin to the gentle embrace of twilight. Little did they realize, this serendipitous gathering would mark the dawn of a new chapter in their intertwined destinies.

Seated together amidst the soft hum of conversation and the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Holy-Saint felt a sense of belonging wash over him like a gentle tide. In the presence of Earth and Universe, he found himself enveloped in a tapestry of shared memories and unspoken dreams, a symphony of souls converging in harmony.

Similarly, Earth and Universe were captivated by Holy-Saint’s presence, drawn to the enigmatic allure of his essence. With each passing moment, they discovered new depths to his being, each layer unfolding like the petals of a blossoming flower, revealing hidden truths and untold wonders.

Throughout the night, they exchanged tales of their past and glimpses of their future, their words weaving a delicate tapestry of shared experiences and unspoken desires. Though the weight of unspoken emotions hung heavy in the air, they found solace in the silent understanding that bound them together.

As Satan caught sight of their reflection in the mirror, a sense of wonder swept over her like a gentle breeze, stirring the depths of her soul. In the quietude of the moment, she found herself pondering the boundless depths of their connection, marveling at the beauty of their shared existence.

But as the night wore on and darkness threatened to engulf their fragile sanctuary, Satan’s senses suddenly faltered, plunging her into a realm of silence and uncertainty. Panic threatened to consume her, but Lucifer’s steady presence offered reassurance, a beacon of light amidst the encroaching shadows.

“It has something to do with your essence,” Lucifer murmured softly, his voice a soothing balm to her troubled spirit, “the essence of The Earth that flows within you. But fear not, my dear. Together, we shall navigate this tumultuous sea and emerge stronger for it.” And so, as they lingered in the comforting embrace of the coffee shop, their hearts entwined in a dance as old as time itself, Earth felt a stirring within her, a whisper of destiny calling her name. With Holy-Saint and Lucifer by her side, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, ready to embrace the truth of her existence and the boundless possibilities that lay ahead.